What is a virtual open house?

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Live virtual open houses

These days, there are a few different ways you can host a virtual open house. Depending on the type that you want to prepare for. There are various costs and expenses to keep in mind with the technology you use. The good news: if you have an internet connection and access to a smartphone with a pretty decent camera, (that can shoot at least HD, but 4K is better) then your ability to host virtual tours is relatively easy to do. These tours involve a person walking through the property to show a live video feed of the space to the prospective renter, buyer or business lead. This is a 1 on 1 viewing with a single lead. The interaction happens in real time, meaning there’s the added advantage of being able to address any questions, comments, or concerns that may arise on the spot. This is basically as close as you can come to having an in-person exchange with back-and-forth conversation involved, which many professionals prefer as a means to be actively part of the selling or renting process, even if it’s not face-to-face. Cost is Low to do this kind of marketing especially on our platform at Sell The Dwell.