Why doing a virtual open house sets you apart from the rest

Without a doubt, virtual open house listings lead to greater opportunities to connect with your prospects


It expands your reach: Virtual open houses no longer just serve the needs of locals who come to see the home in person. Hosting open houses online means that your videos can be viewed without limitations of time or space. Word-of-mouth isn’t just restricted to word-of-mouth—all it takes is a link to be shared for another opportunity to be created.

You can offer the convenience of any time, anywhere: You can save you and your potential leads time from having to travel and coordinate schedules to meet. Virtual tours are viewable until the day that the property’s sold or rented.
You’ll be able to reinvest your energy: On the topic of saving time, having a prerecorded or scheduled walk-through of the property also saves you time and trouble of having to give the same pitch to multiple prospects. Use your time savings to expand your marketing, follow up on leads, or research new listings.

Buyers, Renters, and Businesses will want the option: Not everyone is interested in commuting to see a property in person for the first time. Occasionally, leads will be more interested to vet a potential investment by first scanning it online. Whether or not social distancing enforcements are making it mandatory for you to only conduct virtual tours or not, having these be a part of your practice can help you filter out non-serious leads as it encourages only serious prospects to approach for further information.